Kandy (Embekke Devalaya)

From Lankatilake proceed to Welamboda and at Embekke you will see a superb example of Sinhala Architecture in Wood.

King Wickramabahu III of Gampola has done this Devala for his Queen Henakanda Biso Bandara and a Drummer called Rangama. The Devala has been constructed in 1371 A.D.

The Devala is dedicated to God Kataragama.

The Wooden pillars and pillar capitals are done with beautiful carvings, 514 different designs of animals, dancers, drummers, Narigeta, gladiators, wrestlers, rope twists and many other designs.

The “Keni Madala” of the roof where all the rafters have joined to a single point is unique as an architectural design.

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