Ratnapura (Saman Devalaya)

SAMAN DEVALAYA at Ratnapura is dedicated to the Deity Saman, the God of Adam’s Peak. The Devala is about two miles outside Ratnapura town on the Kiriella road.

The Devala was built by King Parakramabahu II (1236-1270 A.D.)  who ruled at Dambadeniya in the 13th Century. It reached the height of its glory during the Kotte period two centuries later. The Portuguese destroyed it in 1620s; ironically, the Devala was restored in late Dutch time.

The annual Perahera is held for 3 days during the month of August / September after the Kataragama Perahera and many Elephants, Dancers & Drummers and others take part. Special dance forms of Sabaragamuwa could be seen in this Perahera.

The most interesting item is the last item of Water Cutting Ceremony in which boats will take the entire Perahera, minus the Elephants to the place selected down stream of the river for the Ceremony.

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